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Access control

Video verification

DigiSys can connect a video control mechanism to physical access control (key cards, codes, etc.), allowing a central monitoring centre to perform visual verification via computer communication.

Complementary tools

The DigiSys Video Security Center (VSC) offers a multitude of interfaces with the most popular systems on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. The largest number of products related to these ranges are:

UTC/Lenel: FCWinX and OnGuard, Nedap and TIL;

Alligator: all centralized emergency exits management units (UGCIS).

Number plate recognition

Our supervisor’s LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) module can read the number plates of filmed vehicles and incorporate that information into the video recordings. For example, this allows you to find a vehicle through a simple text search, automate access control in and out of car parks or issue an alert when a particular vehicle is present in the monitored area.

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